tick exterminator wilmington

The moment it starts to get warmer, everyone is excited about the prospect of having a great spring and summer. It is an understandable mindset, as you have gone through a long winter of staying indoors and trying to keep warm. Now you want to enjoy yourself and have some fun.

tick exterminator wilmington

But you must be wary of certain issues that could arise, especially if you live in an area such as Wilmington. One of those problems is ticks. There are many tick species that can spread lyme disease in the region, which means you have to be careful about your surroundings and what you are doing to protect your home.

Those who live in apartment buildings do not need to worry as much. So long as you are avoiding tick habitats during tick season, you should be okay. For instance, you should not spend a lot of time sitting in grass where there is a lot of bush or taller grass. Alos avoid sitting on logs for too long.

If you do have a home, then you may need to take some added steps. If you do not, you could end up having to call a tick exterminator wilmington. The steps you should take include cutting grass so it is short (around 3 inches), and disposing of empty bird or rodent nests as soon as possible.

You should also have tick repellant on hand, especially if you spend a lot of time outdoors. Spray some on your clothes and bag, while you should also check your belongings and person a few times a day if you are out in a tick habitat all day.

Pet owners must take care as well, since ticks can latch onto dogs and get into your house or apartment. Ensure you are checking your dog regularly, and paying attention if they are suffering any bites with red rashes that could indicate the presence of ticks.