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Planning A Weekend Away

As the clock ticks away on Friday the anticipation for the weekend grows.  For many people, the regular chores of cutting the grass, taking care of the house and watching the kids looms on the horizon.  However, for the select few, planning a weekend escape with north carolina oceanfront rentals is a great way to get away.

Pick your location

Location is key.  Will you get a hotel or an Airbnb?  What about finding something that is like home but not stuffy or crowded with people?  When looking for the location, make sure it is close to places of interest or as far away as you want to get from civilization.  Picking the wrong location can totally destroy your trip.

Pack light

Remember, this is a weekend getaway not a weeklong or extended vacation.  The idea of these small trips is to get out of your house and away from your life.  When packing your bag first take the essentials that you need on a daily basis.  From there add in a few fun items and an extra set of clothes just to be safe.  If you go away with more than two bags you packed too much.

Google your location

Before traveling anywhere, Google your location.  See what is around there and what there is to do.   Then take these results and do a YouTube video search.  As you watch videos you can determine the entire landscape of where you are going and what to expect.  Finally, write down names, numbers and landmarks of what interests you the most. 

Go with the flow

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Doing research and planning is great.  You want to do all of this and have a plan of attack when you go on your trip.  However, once you are there and you are in the moment, take a step back and take it all in.  Go with the flow and just enjoy your adventure.