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Simple Fixes For Cosmetic Damages to Your Bathtub

Whether your bathtub is made of porcelain, acrylic, fiberglass, or some other material, you probably want to make sure it will be easily repairable in case there is some sort of damage to it. Your bathtub is a place in your home where you can get away from the problems of the world for a little bit to relax and refresh with a nice soak in the tub.

If your bathtub has chips, paint beginning to flake away, or is showing signs of staining, you’ll be happy to know make your tub look great yourself with the right gear and some elbow grease. For more serious problems with your bathtub, you will probably have to get in touch with bathroom repair orlando experts to sort the issue out.

Making Your Bathtub Look Great, DIY Style

Homeowners looking to save a little money on their bathtub repairs, and who have a little spare time to dedicate to the project, will find that dealing with small bathtub issues themselves can be relatively simple. If you look around online, you can purchase do it yourself kits that come with all of the equipment needed to make your bathtub look new.

Kits like these normally come with at least one quart of epoxy to use, along with hardener, a brush to apply it with, paint thinner, and some personal protective equipment like latex gloves and safety goggles to keep your eyes safe.

bathroom repair orlando

The process is simple enough. You’ll want to clean the bathtub before you begin work. You’ll want to sand the bathtub down, then vacuum it out to clear the debris from the sanding. You can then begin to apply a coating of primer with the paint roller. Remember to let it dry before you move on.

Mix your epoxy coating as directed with the kit. You can then apply it to the tub with your paint roller, being careful to keep an eye out for drips. It is easiest to start from the walls of the tub and work your way down. Apply one more coating and let it sit for 48 hours.

That’s all there is to it! Once it is dry, you can go back to enjoying your tub just as you did before, reveling in the fact that you fixed it up yourself.